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Furnace Working Properly? By Reliable Heating & Air

The change of seasons is quickly coming and it is time to make sure your heating system is in good operating order and all safeties are working properly. Today’s modern day furnace needs to be cleaned and inspected for proper combustion and to make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the heat exchangers. A furnace has safety and limits designed to cut a furnace off in the case of a malfunction and all these devices need to be inspected at the start of each season. The air filter should always be changed as well as a complete inspection and cleaning of the blower wheel if needed. The heat exchanger should be cleaned of any excessive rust build up. Burning natural gas produces a significant amount of corrosive gas that will rust out the interior of the furnace. The damage caused by the gases have to be monitored carefully to be sure thee furnace is not damaged to the point it is unsafe to use. If these items are performed regularly, a furnace should be able to provide many years of trouble free and safe heat for your home. By Dan Jape, Reliable Heating & Air

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