Duct Sealing with Jason

Duct Sealing with Jason


Many people complain about comfort issues and automatically assume it’s their HVAC unit. During a home inspection, we often find that it’s not the unit but it’s the duct system that has the problem.

Every home should be inspected for duct leaks. Usually 25% of the air conditioning that’s lost in the house, whether it’s the attic or crawlspace, is due to holes, rips, tears, and cracks that are in the duct system.


Not only do you want the supply side of your system sealed and insulated, but you also have to look at the return side where the return air is being recycled and re-heated or re-cooled in your HVAC system. If your return system is leaking, then you have contaminates from outside the living space in your attic or in your crawl space depending on where the duct system is coming into the pathway and allowing allergens and contaminants to come in. Sealing the ducts not only keeps the conditioned air where it’s supposed to go, but it also has a great return on investment because the conditioned air is not leaving the air like it may when it’s unsealed. Also, it helps with loose dust and other contaminants that might come into your house from the attic or crawlspace. Duct sealing is a great investment!


If you feel like you have any duct issues, call us at (770) 594-9969 and we will send out a home performance specialist to check it out!


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