Unclog a Slow Running Shower Drain Right: Here Are the Do’s and Dont’s

Among plumbing problems that occur in nearly every Georgia household, clogged shower drains may be the most common. Hair is constantly flowing into drains, and this can stop water from flowing properly. Eventually, you will have water rising at your feet and a problem that needs immediate attention. Nevertheless, it is not time to rush into fixes that cause more harm than good. Here are the do’s and don’ts when you need to unclog a slow running shower drain.

Don’t: Dump Chemicals Down the Drain

You might see ads on TV for miracle drain cleaners that clear any clogs humans create, but they don’t mention the harsh chemicals involved. Normally, hair and gunk from bath products are causing clogs. The hair and gunk need to be removed. No chemicals in a bottle will solve this problem for the long term. Instead, chemical drain cleaners often end up damaging pipes and creating more problems than you had in the first place.

Do: Remove Visible Signs of Clogs

If you glance at your shower drain and see the ends of long hairs, you can be sure that is one thing causing the clog. Using tweezers or your fingers (wear gloves) to remove the hairs and anything else blocking the flow of water down the drain. Sometimes, you may even be able to unscrew the top of the drain and remove more hair just inside the drain. Be careful, as homeowners sometimes damage tubs when trying to do too much.

Don’t: Stick Sharp Objects Down a Shower Drain

Working near the surface of a shower drain with tweezers to catch hair is fine, but trying to reach inside with sharp objects could damage your pipes. Any clog that cannot be cleared with simple hair removal should be referred to a professional plumber. A pro will diagnose and unclog a slow running shower drain in a fast and affordable way.

Do: Ask for Inspection and Professional Clearing

Do-it-yourself fixes are great, but most homeowners do not have cameras that slink down pipes and plumber’s snakes in the garage. Fortunately, pro plumbing services have this equipment and can get your home’s drainings running normally with a short visit. While they are there, do ask them for advice on how to catch hair and other debris with a better drain cover.

Reliable plumbers are experienced with toilet and shower drain problems of all kinds. Whether you need to unclog a slow running shower drain or clear your home’s sewer main so pipes flow normally, Reliable can help.


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