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5 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Techniques


5 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Techniques

The outdoor space in your home offers ample opportunities to entertain guests, unwind with family and rest and rejuvenate over the weekend. Comfortable seating, an outdoor kitchen, a deck overlooking the landscaping — these are all components that enhance your outdoor experience. To fully enjoy the season, however, consider these outdoor landscape lighting techniques to further enhance your home’s outdoor spaces.

Here are our favorite outdoor landscape lighting techniques:

  1. Direct lighting: Install pendant lights, lamps or other lighting options to brighten up spaces where you need it. If you have an outdoor grill, counter space or kitchen, you should install lighting so that you can see better at night and still perform tasks such as preparing food, opening wine or cleaning up. Consider adding direct lighting to seating areas, too. While you should avoid options that give off too much light in areas where you want to set a mood, if you plan on eating outdoors or playing card games at a table late into the evening, you’ll want the option of increasing the amount of light in these areas.
  2. Mood lighting: For casual seating areas around the pool or garden or on the perimeter of a deck or patio, consider adding lighting for ambiance. Do you have a pool or fountain? Adding lighting creates a focal point.
  3. Double-duty lighting: When wiring an outdoor landscape, consider adding a combination ceiling fan light fixture over seating areas and tables to extend the way you can use the space when temperatures soar. A ceiling fan with a light fixture provides air movement and illumination for occasions when you gather outside with guests or family. Be sure to choose a model that’s designed for outdoor use.
  4. Practical landscape lighting: Use lighting to highlight walkways and the driveway, creating a subtle illumination for safety reasons. The outdoor lighting will naturally guide people down the walkway if the lights are set apart at a distance instead of being very close together. The lighting can also enhance the aesthetics of the landscape and the overall look of your home.
  5. Highlight lighting: You can feature certain plants, trees or even lawn art and statues with outdoor lighting. A strategically placed light can enhance the texture and color of a feature plant or draw attention to a sculpture — or even your home’s architecture. Long after the sun goes down, you and your family can enjoy the landscaping and other features in your yard if they’re properly highlighted with outdoor landscape lighting.

There are lots of outdoor landscape lighting techniques from which to choose. The decisions involve knowing where to install the lighting, in what direction to point the lights and the amount of light a fixture gives off — and these are just a few of the decisions you’ll need to make. Reliable Heating & Air is happy to help you with outdoor landscape lighting plans. Contact one of our lighting experts today to schedule a free consultation or to inquire about our professional installation services. We serve metro Atlanta residents with electrical, plumbing, HVAC and home performances services.