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Warranty Information

That's an entire decade. Parts and labor. If your unit fails, call us, and we will repair your unit free of charge for 10 years. There will be no labor chargeservice call feewarranty administration feeor charge for parts (excluding filters). Warranty exclusions are listed below.

Furthermore, there are no warranty cards for you to mail in and no paperwork for you to fill out. The simple and easy warranty registration process is done online and is handled in-house by Reliable Heating & Air's post-installation department. There is simply nothing for you to do except enjoy your new Trane Comfort System and watch your utility costs go down! 

Reliable Heating & Air offers a 10 year parts and labor warranty on all new Trane equipment. Customers purchasing a complete system (consisting of a gas or electric furnace, cooling coil, and outdoor unit, or an air handler and heat pump, or a gas furnace, cooling coil, and heat pump) are given a complimentary one year Preferred Customer Service Agreement, which includes 2 planned maintenance checkups per calendar year- one in the Spring/Summer and one in the Fall/Winter or at 6 month intervals. After the expiration of the complimentary service agreement, the customer has the option to continue a maintenance agreement with Reliable for a $160 annual rate. This agreement can be transferred to a new owner at no cost, so long as the agreement is in effect at the time of sale and the new owner continues to maintain the equipment without interruption through Reliable Heating & Air each year on a semi-annual basis.

The 10 year parts and labor warranty does not require an active service agreement however, regular planned maintenance is essential for optimum performance, maximum efficiency and longest life expectancy of your heating & cooling equipment.  Furthermore, if the unit breaks down and the cause is determined to be lack of proper maintenance to the system, such as dirty condenser coils, or impacted filters, the labor cost for the repair would not be covered, even if the parts are still covered by factory warranty.

The 10 years parts warranty is through the manufacturer. Visit Trane’s website for more information and exclusions.

We highly recommend planned maintenance for all your heating and cooling systems for optimum performance and longevity. Additional existing systems may be added to your maintenance agreement at a $99 annual rate. Preferred customer service agreement customers receive a 10% discount on parts and labor in addition to preferential service in the event of a breakdown on all covered systems. Contact the office for more information at (770)594-9969.    



Coverage applies to mechanical failure of any of the unit’s components and does not cover abuse or acts of God.

**Warranty Exclusions:

Coverage applies to mechanical failure of any of the unit’s components. Certain circumstances are excluded as follows.

  • Failure or damage caused by lack of basic maintenance of the unit such as failure to change the filter regularly, failure or damage caused by improper clearance of unit in relation to bushes, shrubs, trees, fences or other obstructions, failure or damage caused by theft or vandalism
  • Water leaks are covered for a period of 6-months from the date of installation. Regular and proper planned maintenance will usually eliminate any water leaks caused by clogged drain lines which lead to leaks and water damage
  • Flood or rain damage or any other type of water damage not related to incorrect or faulty installation, wind, hail or tree damage or any damage related to inclement weather or “Acts of God”, i.e. tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, sinkholes, etc.
  • All existing system equipment and piping such as Condensate Pumps, Refrigerant Line Sets,   Drain Lines, Low and High voltage wiring or Breakers,  Zoning Panels or Automated dampers.
  • Corrosion of unit caused by pet urine or chemicals (such as lawn care chemicals)
  • Failure or damage of wires, pipes, or hoses chewed by wild animals, domestic pets, livestock, or rodents ( i.e. squirrels, mice or rats)
  • Failure, damage, or odors caused by foreign objects or creatures stuck in machinery or other components, including ants or other insects stuck in contactors
  • Failure or damage caused by machinery such as, but not limited to, lawnmowers, weed-eaters or other machinery, Smoke or fire damage
  • Accidental damage resulting from home improvement or construction work done either by the homeowner or any third party, licensed or unlicensed. (I.e. damage from fallen roofing shingles, nails driven in copper line sets, clogged evaporator coils from sheetrock dust or floor sanding, etc.)

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