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Nobody installs more furnaces in Georgia than Reliable Heating & Air. Why? Because we have an unbeatable warranty, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we have stood by our work for over 40 years.

New Furnace Offers You Won't Find Anywhere Else:
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty Coverage
  • $0 Upfront Charges
  • Low Monthly Payments - Only $59.99/month, or as low as $2,869 Installed
  • Next day or We Pay You $500 Installation Guarantee
  • Third-party ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installations - Reliable is the only dealer in the country that offers this

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Enjoy all the benefits of a new Trane heating & cooling system WITHOUT the burden of costly repairs, maintenance, financing charges or coming out of pocket for unexpected thousands

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Reliable offers flexible Atlanta home improvement financing that allows our customers an easier way to make payments and focus on their home improvement projects.

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The Most Qualified Technicians

At Reliable, we are committed to having the best trained installation teams in the market. In fact, we have built our own in-house training facility our technicians use to stay up to date on the latest HVAC products and technology.

As the largest TRANE dealer in the Nation, we also have close ties with the manufacturer. Trane frequently sends training executives to our location to meet with our install teams to ensure our installers are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to install equipment and keep it running at peak performance and efficiency.

Reliable is the only dealer in the country that offers third-party ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installations giving you assurance that your new HVAC system has been installed correctly and that the installation has been third-party verified. For you that means lower energy bills, increased comfort, a reduced risk of equipment failure, and much more.

Our air conditioning installers also complete the NATE-certification program which validates their professional competency in HVAC service and air conditioning installation.

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Average Cost Of A Furnace Installation
In Atlanta

  • Low: $2,869

  • Average: $4,500

  • High: $8,000

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What Is Included In
Your Installation

  • Multiple system options

  • New, high-efficiency furnace

  • 1-year labor warranty or an option for NO CHARGE repairs & maintenance for life

  • 10-year manufacturer warranty

  • Flexible Financing

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We Make It Easy To Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Contact us online or call us at 770.594.9969 to schedule an appointment. We'll call you to confirm your time and send you a confirmation email with a picture of your tech, so you know who to watch for.



We are upfront and transparent with your options.

We'll come to your home (for free) and do a load calculation, a complex measurement of how much heating your home requires. This makes sure you get a furnace that will fit your home and your needs. Then, we'll give you multiple options with straightforward pricing for each.

On the day of the install, your installation team will:

  1. Lay down drop cloths and wear shoe covers to protect your home.

  2. Install your new furnace (typically this takes half a day).

  3. Leave your home cleaner than it was when we arrived.


Follow Up

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy, we didn't do our job. We'll send you a follow-up survey to make sure you're happy with our service. If you're not happy, let us know and we'll fix it.

Signs You Need A New Furnace

You might want to consider investing in a new unit if your current one:

  • Is more than 15 years old. Most furnaces last roughly 15-20 years. If yours is nearing the end of its lifespan, it's time to start thinking about a new unit.

  • Doesn't keep you comfortable. This could be a sign that your furnace is the wrong size or approaching the end of its life. In both cases, you're usually better off investing in a new unit.

  • Needs repairs frequently. This is often a sign that your furnace is on its way out. It's usually more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new unit, rather than waste money on costly repairs.

  • Causes higher heating bills. This is usually a sign that your furnace is losing efficiency. As your furnace ages, internal components suffer more wear and tear. This makes your furnace work harder to heat your home, which increases your energy bills.

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Furnace Tips
From Reliable

What is the most efficient Furnace we offer?

Trane XC95m

Reliable Heating & Air is proud to announce the Trane XC95m furnace has recently been increased to 97.3% efficiency meaning out of a dollars worth of gas, over 97 cents is actually converted into usable heat.

This is actually pretty amazing considering furnaces just a few years ago converted only 50% of the gas consumed into heat and the rest was wasted up the chimney as waste. With only 2.3 cents of waste, this furnace can cut gas consumption in half. It is a pilot less furnace that ignites the burners only when needed, saving $10 to $12 a month just in pilot costs.

The Trane XC95m also utilizes a highly efficient D/C powered fan motor to distribute air and the motor is variable speeds which allows it to adjust its speed to deliver just the right amount of air needed. This special motor only uses $30 a year on average of electricity over a standard blower allowing a savings of over $250 a year.

The Trane XC95m is a modulating furnace which means it has an infinite number of heat outputs designed to accommodate any type of weather it may encounter in any climate. Reliable Heating & Air installs the Trane XC95m in the full communicating mode and connects it to the Trane XL950 thermostat which can fully control not only the temperature but also the humidity making a home much more comfortable summer and winter.

Do I need a variable speed furnace?

If the furnace in your home is over 10 or eleven years old, you should explore the option of replacing it with one of today's 2- stage variable speed models with a humidity sensing thermostat. The Variable Speed Two Stage Furnace uses a multi-stage gas valve to give two levels of heat output depending on how cold it is in your home. The colder it gets the more heat and airflow the Variable Speed furnace puts out very much like the gas pedal on your car. In Georgia, you do not usually need the full amount of your furnaces heat output as we do not normally have extremely cold winters. The Variable Speed furnace will run on low heat output most of the time and it will run for a longer amount of time, which will more evenly heat the people and the objects in the home, not just the air. This slow gradual heating process will make you more comfortable than you have ever felt before.

Most people are concerned about the gas their furnace consumes, but never consider the electrical consumption of the blower, which distributes air through your home summer and winter. The Variable Speed furnace utilizes a special blower motor that is powered by DC current like you battery in your car. It uses about $35.00 a year in electricity versus $300 for a regular furnace blower and uses technology to measure airflow and increase or decrease it's output depending on the complexities of your duct work. It is the only way to be sure you are receiving the correct amount of airflow over the life of the system. A normal furnace starts to deliver less airflow as it gets dirty and old. The Variable Speed furnace speeds up it's blower to always keep you comfortable and warm.

A special touchscreen thermostat controls the Variable Speed furnace and you can actually program in a desired humidity level that the furnaces will slow down to maintain, wringing out 10% or 20% more moisture than a regular furnace. In Georgia, it is the extreme humidity that makes you feel uncomfortable and having lower humidity allows to set the thermostat at a higher temperature and still be cool. This feature is something most homeowners have never experienced and it is one of the best improvements/upgrades for the money spent.

The Variable Speed Two Stage furnace is available from a number of different furnace companies and the technology behind is tried and true. It will save you money on gas and electric bills and also make you feel more comfortable than ever before. I think you will truly enjoy the enhanced comfort and efficiency of this furnace and thermostat controller.

Our top selling variable speed furnace here at Reliable is the Trane Trane XV 80.

The Trane XV 80 furnace is a variable speed, two stage furnace designed to operate at different distinct outputs to keep a home warm and comfortable at all outdoor temperatures. It utilizes a two stage gas valve and a D/C powered variable indoor fan motor to achieve these different stages of heat and when installed with a special humidity sensing thermostat, the XV80 becomes a dehumidifier system in the summer as well as a heating system. This unit can be responsible for removing up to 30% more moisture from a home in a humid climate. This furnace is one of the most comfortable furnaces on the marketplace today and should be considered when looking at new units.

What are the telltale signs it’s time for home furnace replacement?

When winter starts taking hold in the Atlanta area, it's time to take a look at the condition of your home's furnace. You'll need a furnace that is properly maintained to make it through the cold weather. However, there may be problems lurking within your heating system that will lead to a total breakdown.

Avoid major HVAC issues this season. Keep your eyes peeled for these signs you might need a furnace replacement.

Rising Energy Costs

Over time, your furnace will need to run longer than it used to just to produce standard comfort levels. Furnaces that have been in operation for more than 15 years start to suffer from this kind of problem. If you have maintained your furnace properly yet see continuous rises in energy bills, you are probably spending more money than is necessary. Ask a Reliable technician to give your system a final assessment.

Slipping Comfort Levels

Furnaces that have reached their expiration date tend to slip on performance drastically: You may discover cool air blowing through your home during the winter. The furnace's air cleaning and processing functions may have lost their use.

If you've had your home performance audit and your furnace's parts checked but your HVAC still can't keep up with your demands, it's likely time for full furnace replacement.

Danger of Carbon Monoxide Leaking

Homeowners who are unaware of a broken carbon monoxide detector may be faced with the possibility of small amounts of the odorless, colorless gas leaking into their home. A study conducted in Michigan found one-quarter of carbon monoxide deaths were related to furnaces and other heating systems.

Stuffy air, high levels of soot and black streaks near vents and a yellow flame (rather than a blue flame) are all signs that carbon monoxide levels have become dangerously high. Double-check your CO detector and contact an HVAC specialist immediately if you encounter any of these signs.

Old-Age Malfunctioning

Even if your furnace has been checked in the past year, the malfunctions of old machinery may begin to pile up. Furnaces have a limit, and even though they still omit heat, they be unsafe and unwise to keep running past their usable life span witch is 15 to 18 years on average. Some builder grade furnaces can fail is as little as 10 years.

Reliable Heating & Air technicians can give you a clear assessment of the state of your HVAC system. Once we confirm there are no pressing dangers for your family, we can offer solutions and run down the pros and cons of replacing your furnace. It could be the answer to a very comfortable winter.

Is your Furnace safe to operate?

A few tips from Dan Jape.

I visit customers in their homes everyday of the week, and I constantly see furnaces that have been neglected to the point of being unsafe and unfit to heat their homes. I find everything from just poor performance and efficiency to furnaces that are extremely unsafe and life threatening. It is of the utmost importance to make sure to have your furnace checked once a year for any issues. There are also some very simple and easy steps you can take to make sure you family is save and warm this winter.

The first thing you should do is visually inspect the flue system of your furnace and water heater. The flue is the round galvanized pipe that takes the unburned gas products and the carbon monoxide to the outside of the home. It is located on the top of your furnace and the water heater usually ties into the furnace flue. Carefully examine the pipe for holes or rust. Squeeze the round pipe and make sure you do not have rust outs working from the inside out. Make sure the flue is solid and strong. You should not be able to easily crush the pipe with you hand. The flue should be sloping upward at all times and should be attached to both the furnace and water heater.

Secondly, you should remove the top door to your furnace and with a flashlight, carefully look for rust build-up inside the burners and the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the compartment that contains the burning of gas and the burners protrude into the heat exchanger cells. Look for any rusty metal and flakes of rusted particles. Carefully examine the condition of the burners looking for damage. If there is any rust in the heat exchanger or on the burners, it has to be cleaned out. Check the front panel of the furnace for burned paint or hot spots. The front panel should never get hot enough to burn the paint or the finish off the front or the side of the furnace. The cause of this burned paint is a heat exchanger that is not containing the heat of combustion and can be a sign of a furnace that needs service or replacement.

Third, you can have someone turn the furnace on while you observe the burners lighting. They should all light smoothly and evenly without any whooshing sound or booming. Once the burners light, they should all burn blue with a slight yellow tip of the flame. Wait until the fan and the blower start up and watch for movement of the flame and watch for movement of the flame and watch for yellow in the flame. This can be a sign of a leaky heat exchanger or a rusted out exchanger. Turn the power switch off and the blower will stop and watch the flame. If it stops moving and dancing around, this is a problem you should have checked out. Also observe your pilot light for movement and yellow flame when the blower is running. Turn off your furnace power switch and see if the movement and the yellow flame changes.

Lastly, change your furnace filter! This is a good time of the year to remember to change your air filter as summer is over and the furnace has run many hours. A clean filter will allow proper airflow and efficiency on your system year around.

These are a few simple things you can do to make sure your family is warm, safe and comfortable this winter! Call Reliable Heating & Air and have an expert take care of these issues.

Why does my furnace smell?

Your furnace is a very important part of your home, but not something you even think about unless there is a problem. I've written previously about telltale signs that it is time for a new furnace. What most people don't know is your furnace runs both summer and winter. In the winter, the furnace is heating your home. In the summer, your furnace distributes the cold air using the same fan blower as in the winter. Because the furnace is so important to your year-round comfort, you should be familiar with why a furnace can make a smell.

There are normally three different reasons a furnace puts out an odor. You should take note of what the different types of smells are to be assured your furnace is working efficiently and properly year-round.

  1. When your furnace emits a burning smell or and metallic smell, this is usually a reason for caution. Burning smells can be a sign of wiring getting too hot or of your fan motor burning out. A metallic odor can be a sign of an internal component getting overheating or rubbing up against a moving part. These types of smells should be checked immediately by your service provider. If you detect smells like these, you should shut off your furnace right away and call your service provider.
  2. A smell of rotten eggs is an odor that people may report smelling and it is the chemical gas companies put in their natural gas to alarm the owner of a gas leak. Natural gas has no odor in its normal state and it is so volatile, one needs to be aware of a leak right away. Gas leaks can ignite and the explosion can kill all the occupants. If you ever smell rotten eggs, turn off your furnace and call the gas company. These smells should be handled with the utmost urgency.
  3. The third smell detected by homeowners is one of dust burning. These are quite normal smells and usually only happen at the change of the seasons between summer and winter. During the summer, dust builds up on the heat exchanger and the blower and when the burners are first turned on for the cold weather, this dust burns off and the smell comes out of the ducts. These types of smells should normally go away after the first few hours of operation. If not, one can check their furnace filter to make sure it is clean. A technician may also have to be dispatched to your home to do a complete internal cleaning.

Your furnace is a very important part of your home and provides comfort all year. You should occasionally go visually inspect it just to be assured nothing has fallen off and drastically changed. It is also a good idea to hire a professional like Reliable Heating & Air to inspect and clean your furnace and air conditioner. If these small steps are followed, a furnace can give you years of trouble free service.

What kind of furnace should I get?

The rising cost of gas has put many people in the market for a more efficient furnace before the cold winter weather arrives. Even though most homeowners in Atlanta have always considered their cooling bills as the place to conserve the most energy dollars, a furnace upgrade gives the best and the quickest return on investment.

There are two different furnace efficiency categories available today and there are three basic types of gas furnaces regardless of the manufacturer. The two different efficiencies are 80% AFUE and 90% AFUE and the three types are single stage, two-stage and variable speed two-stage furnaces. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency with the higher the number denoting the most efficiency.

An 80% AFUE efficient furnace is the most popular type installed in Atlanta and it uses 80 cents of a dollar's worth of gas to heat your home and it sends 20 cents of waste up the chimney. The 80% AFUE furnace has no standing pilot light and it uses a metal exhaust pipe to vent the unburned gas and carbon monoxide fumes away from your home. It has a blower/fan called the draft inducer that injects air into the burner chamber to help the combustion process. This type of furnace will normally save 25% to 40% of the gas consumed by an old standing pilot type.

A 90% AFUE furnace is so efficient that it no longer uses a metal flue pipe to take the waste products away but rather is vented right out the sidewall of your home using PVC piping and it takes fresh air for the combustion process from the outside instead of depleting the air in your home. This type of furnace is called a condensing furnace and like the 80% AFUE furnace, the 90% AFUE furnace also has no pilot and it has a draft inducer fan for a good clean burn. It has two heat exchangers to help the furnace use all but a very small amount of the gas burned to heat your home. The most efficient furnaces today are 96.7% AFUE and only waste 3.3 cents on the dollar of gas consumed. The 90% AFUE furnace is so efficient that water is condensed from the flue products and has to be disposed of in a sanitary drain or a freeze proof French drain. Within these two furnace categories, the three types are very similar in what they have to offer.

The single stage furnace is what most people are used to owning and regardless of what the temperature is outside, it puts the same amount of heat out constantly. When one considers that a furnace has to be large enough to warm your home on the coldest day of the year, but the winters in the southeast can fluctuate from extreme cold to moderate, it would be logical that this type of furnace will heat the home very quickly on anything but the coldest day of the year. This quick heating only heats the air in your home, not the articles, walls, floors and people. The two stage furnace solves this problem by having two stages or levels of heat that the furnace can produce; low and high. The low heat setting will allow the furnace to run longer at a lower heat output which will allow a more evenly heated home and much more comfortable occupants. The variable speed two stage furnace has two stages of heat, but combines the efficient operation of a D/C powered variable speed furnace blower to give you just the right amount of heat needed to achieve the most comfort available from any forced air natural gas furnace today. The D/C powered variable speed blower will save you over $200 a year in electrical costs while speeding up or slowing down to give you just the right amount of heat needed.

One can also couple a special thermostat that has input for not only the desired temperature, but also the humidity levels one wants to maintain in their home. The thermostat adjusts the fan speed of the indoor blower and the furnace/air conditioner become a Super Dehumidification System. This product can eliminate the need for a freestanding dehumidification system that is seen in so many basements. In addition, any of the variable speed furnaces will earn a tax credit of $50 and the 96.7% Variable Speed Two Stage furnace will earn a tax credit of $150 from the government. Regardless of which furnace you choose, I think you will find a world of comfort and efficiency available today that will be worth every penny spent to upgrade. You simply cannot afford not to take advantage of the savings afforded you by a furnace replacement this year.

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