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Water Purification

Water Purifiers

Water filtration and treatment enhances your home's water quality and contributes to your day-to-day comfort & hydration.

Normally, these whole-home systems cost THOUSANDS of dollars to install. Instead, homeowners buy bottled water spending on average over $100 per adult per year. But what you bathe in is important too. City water has chlorine, bleach, and other pollutants.

Whole-home water purification is now AFFORDABLE!

Get pure water from every faucet in your home starting at just $29.99/month. Reliable offers various types of water purification options, including:

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Reverse Osmosis

A convenient and economical way to improve the purity and taste of drinking water

We recommend reverse osmosis if you have:

  • Concerns about family drinking water

Reverse Osmosis is ideal for:

  • Removal of trace contaminants for high quality, clean, great tasting water


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Chlorine Filter

High quality drinking water at every tap throughout your home

We recommend chlorine filters if you have:

  • Water that smells like bleach and has an unpleasant taste

Our chlorine filters are ideal for:

  • Eliminating the harsh effects of chlorine
  • Removal of taste and smell of chlorine from each tap in your house


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Water Softener

See and feel the benefits of soft water

We recommend a water softener if you have:

  • Dry skin, hard water scale build-up on appliances, dishes, sinks, tubs

Our water softeners are ideal for:

  • Rich soap and shampoo lather when bathing
  • Cleaner dishes, and longer lasting appliances
  • Getting soft, bright colored laundry


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Iron Filter

Excellent at removing high levels of iron from all the water used in your home

We recommend iron filters if you have:

  • Metallic tasting water, foul odors, or black, brown, or yellowish stains

Our iron filters are ideal for:

  • Preventing iron stains on fixtures & sinks
  • Removing rotten egg smell in water
  • Extending life of appliance, plus soft, bright colored laundry


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2 in 1 solution: Experience soft and better tasting water throughout your home

We recommend Chlor-A-Soft if you have:

  • Problems with both water hardness and presence of chlorine

A Chlor-A-Soft is ideal for:

  • Receiving both benefits of water softener and chlorine filter in one product


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Tankless + Softener

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater + Water Softener Bundle: Experience soft and endless hot water

We recommend this package if you:

  • Have problems with water hardness, are looking to upgrade to tankless

This package is ideal for:

  • Receiving both benefits of water softener and tankless water heater in one product


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Reverse Osmosis • Chlorine Filters • Iron Filters • Water Softeners

Water purifying solutions with proven benefits:
  • Eliminate the waste and inconvenience of plastic jugs or bottles
  • Improve the smell and taste of your water and remove contaminants like arsenic, lead, barium, pesticides, herbicides and more
  • Provide better feeling water on skin and hair
  • Prevent iron stains on laundry and fixtures
When you choose Reliable's Comfort as a Service you get our full service of guarantees, including:

  • No charge repair and replacement when needed
  • Scheduled maintenance program, plus easy and convenient no charge filter replacement
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