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Why Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance is a Must

If you haven’t already made an appointment to have air conditioning preventive maintenance done, it’s not too late to schedule air conditioner service for the summer. Your air conditioner will be pulling all-nighters to provide your home with the cooling it needs for you to stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Give it the service it needs to be the reliable, durable, long-lasting friend you need.

Learn the many benefits you can reap from scheduling A/C preventive maintenance annually:

  • Energy savings: Over time, dust and debris in the air get inside the air conditioner. They rest upon components including the coil, fan blades and refrigerant lines. This buildup of dirt causes the A/C to operate much less efficiently. For example, it may use more electricity to move heavier blades. Dirty coils also consume more energy to transfer and absorb heat than clean coils. With regular cleanings, the system can operate as efficiently as possible and use less energy. That translates to savings on your monthly utility bills.
  • Environmentally friendliness: A system that uses less energy is a greener system. Environmentally friendly A/Cs are also safer for the environment in terms of refrigerant use. During the service call, the technician will check the refrigerant lines and look for leaks that release the harmful refrigerant into the atmosphere. For an environmentally friendly A/C, regular service checks are critical.
  • Comfort: Do you want to come home to a comfortably cooled home each day? Avoid variations in home temperatures, and eliminate hot and cold zones with a service check. Keeping all of the system’s internal components in good condition so it can operate well ensures a more comfortable home with fewer temperature swings.
  • Durability: With a service appointment, your technician clean the system, inspect the parts and identify those parts that are wearing out. Replacing worn parts helps the system operate more efficiently. It will also be more durable and won’t break down in the middle of a heat wave.
  • A longlasting system: When an air conditioner receives regular service, you can expect it to last longer. It makes sense that a mechanical system that’s cared for will last longer than one that isn’t. The same line of thinking holds true for many mechanical systems; it’s the same principle that drives people to service cars, water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

If you don’t schedule preventive maintenance service, you’ll risk losing all of these benefits. If you fail to give your A/C a tuneup, you’ll pay more to run the system because it won’t operate efficiently and will consume more energy. Without service, your system could experience quicker wear and tear, which can result in necessary and costly repairs. And worse, manufacturers require proof of maintenance when a repair is necessary. If you don’t have this proof, the warranty won’t cover the repair.

Why risk putting your air conditioner in a precarious position? A comfortable, cool home isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. To schedule air conditioner service, contact Reliable Heating & Air today!  We service the entire Metro Atlanta area.  Call or Text us today.