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An Investment That Never Goes Down

An investment that never goes down.


The one thing you can be assured of with your investments in the stock market is that will continue to go up and down in value like a rollercoaster. You can count on your 401k to go down in value over the next unforeseen future and hopefully it will start to go back up in value. Real estate investments are on the way down, as is almost every investment vehicle out there. The one investment I know of that continues to generate a guaranteed return year after year regardless of the financial markets, is a new high efficiency heating and air system. It consistently saves you money and is the best investment you can make these days with your hard-earned money.


A new high efficiency heating air conditioning system can be acquired for as little as $3500 to $4000 and can trim up to 40% off your annual gas bill and 30% off the part of your electric bill. This savings can be $300 or $400 per year in gas and $200 or $300 in electric. This is a substantial return on investment and when the new heating and cooling system pays for itself after six to eight years, the savings will be thousands of dollars over the projected life of the equipment of twenty to twenty-five years. I know of no other guaranteed return that comes with no risk.


A lot of homeowners think that as long as their central heat and air continues to put out heat, it is safe to run on until it quits. This could not be farther from the truth. I visited a home last week with a twenty-year-old furnace in a crawl space that had been left to rust so bad that the flames rolled out the front of the unit and melted the gas pipe sealer out of the gas pipe and caused an open flame outside the furnace jacket that singed the floor joists above it and almost burned the house down. Had this happened at night, this malfunction could have burned this home to the ground and along with the entire family in it. The piece of mind that your family and home is safe along with the above-mentioned savings, is another guaranteed return on your investment in new high efficiency  heating and cooling system.

A whole house humidifier is also another product with a guaranteed return on investment. You can install a furnace mounted bypass humidifier or a steam generator humidifier in your home and start to save energy dollars immediately. Your gas furnace can dry the air out in your home to 10% to 15% relative humidity levels in the cold winter months and this dryness will cause you to turn up the thermostat to higher level to try and feel warm. Bring the moisture level up to 30% to 35% and you can turn down the thermostat and feel warmer, along with not having dry, scratchy skin, static electricity, bloody noses and higher gas bills than needed. For a small investment of $450 to $875, you can guarantee yourself of a return of all the above year after year.


The heating and cooling investment market is full of guaranteed returns. Ask your broker if he has any guarantees lately and I think you will soon find that investing in this arena is a sure fire thing.


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