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6 Benefits of Home Filtered Water

6 Benefits of Home Filtered Water

Thinking about installing a water filter in your home? Water purification has a number of benefits for you and your family, including:

  1. Purer, better-tasting water

  2. Healthier hair, skin and nails

  3. Longer-lasting fixtures and appliances

  4. More flavorful food and drinks

  5. Eliminating single-use plastic bottles

  6. Saving money on detergents

Before we explain the benefits and the best system for each one, we'll go over the different types of water filtration systems.

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Types of water filtration systems

When choosing a water filtration system for your home, you ultimately have three options:

  1. Whole-house water filter: Whole-home water filters attach to your home's water supply to remove specific chemicals or minerals. Most homeowners choose either a chlorine water filter, which also removes chloramine and chlorine byproducts, or an iron water filter, which also removes manganese and hydrogen sulfide.

  2. Water softener: Water softeners, sometimes called ion exchange filters, also attach to your home's water supply to remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals from hard water. The system has a basin of resin beads that trap the minerals, which are removed using a salt or potassium solution and sent down a waste drain.

  3. Reverse osmosis systems: Reverse osmosis water filters attach to a single fixture in your house—most commonly beneath the kitchen sink—to provide filtered water for drinking and cooking. RO systems use a four-stage filtration process to remove the majority of additives and contaminants in Atlanta's water supply.

Since each system filters water differently, they have different benefits.

Benefits of water filtration

Purer, better-tasting water

The main reason most Atlanta homeowners install a water purifier is to improve the taste of their drinking water.

Bad-tasting tap water can come from a number of contaminants or additives, including:

  • Chlorine or chloramine, which has a bleach-like taste and odor to it.

  • Total dissolved solids (TDS), like chlorides and bicarbonates, which can make water taste salty, bitter or metallic.

  • Sulfates, which give water a rotten egg smell.

Installing a water filtration system can also protect you and your family in cases of drinking water contamination because it will remove the harmful germs and chemicals.

Best water filter for better-tasting water

The best way to remove chlorine and other contaminants from drinking water is to install either a:

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Whole-house chlorine filter

  • Whole-house iron filter

    Healthier hair, skin and nails

    The minerals and chemicals in unfiltered water can negatively impact your hair, skin and nails. Here's how:

    • Hair: Hard mineral buildup and chemicals can strip your scalp of the natural oils that moisturize it, drying it out and also prevent shampoo and conditioner from working as well as they should. Plus, if you have color-treated hair, chlorine and minerals cause the dye to break down faster, leaving your hair looking dull faster than normal.

    • Skin: Chlorine also dries out your skin, inflaming and irritating it. And other minerals in hard water leave traces on your skin, leaving it looking dull and feeling dry. This can also cause you to spend more on moisturizers.

    • Nails: Minerals in hard water, like calcium and magnesium, can break down the keratin that keep your nails and nail beds strong—making them frail and brittle.

    Best water filter for better hair, skin and nails

    • Water softener

    • Whole-house chlorine filter

    Longer-lasting fixtures and appliances

    Minerals like magnesium and calcium build up on water-based appliances (water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines) and fixtures (faucets, shower heads, etc.). Over time, the buildup becomes so severe that it restricts water flow and prevents the fixture or appliance from working properly.

    This extra wear and tear causes appliances to work harder than they need to, which decreases their efficiency and shortens their lifespan.

    The iron in hard water can also cause unsightly rust stains on toilet bowls and on sink and tub basins.

    Best water filter for appliances and fixtures

    • Water softener

    • Whole-house iron filter

    More flavorful food and drinks

    Since the chlorine and other minerals in hard water impact the taste of the water, they also impact the flavor of anything you use that water to cook or brew with.

    Filtered water can improve the:

    • Flavor of brewed drinks like coffee and tea

    • Taste of foods cooked in water (pasta, beans, grains, etc.)

    • Quality and taste of homemade bread, especially sourdough, since chlorine can impact yeast performance

    • Cleanliness of fruits and vegetables you need to rinse before eating

    Best water filter for more flavorful food and drinks

    • Reverse osmosis system

    • Whole-house chlorine filter

    Eliminate single-use plastic bottles

    One of the main reasons many people in Atlanta drink bottled water is because they don't like the taste of tap water.

    With bottled water, you will:

    • Pay more. The cost of bottled water adds up since you're not only paying for the water, but also the cost of packing, transportation and branding.

    • Negatively impact the environment. If each person in a family of four drinks three bottles of water a day, that's almost 4,400 plastic bottles a year that go into landfills.

    By installing a water filtration system, you could save hundreds of dollars and thousands of bottles a year.

    Best water filter for saving on plastic bottles

    • Reverse osmosis system

    • Whole-house chlorine filter

    Save money on detergents

    The minerals in hard water build up on clothes and dishes. This means you need to use more dishwasher and laundry detergent to remove not only the dirt and grime from your everyday life, but also the hard water minerals that build up on them.

    Using filtered water will make laundry and dishwasher detergent more effective, which will require less product—letting you save money on detergents. Plus, you'll also save on cleaners used to remove hard water stains from tubs and glass shower doors.

    Best water filter to save on detergents

    • Water softener

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