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Air Conditioner Not Cooling? 

Air Conditioner Not Cooling? 

Read on for the TOP air conditioning repair hacks you may be able to do yourself. No guarantees this will fix your system and anything beyond the following tips you need an expert HVAC repair diagnosis and we hope you call Reliable Heating & Air.

1. Check your filter. Is it clean?

2. Check the drain pan for water. The float needs to be all the way down and not lodged up. Water is bad!

3. Look at the pump and make sure no water has collected in it. If it is full of water your A/C won't run. Even putting in a little bleach could help.

4. Go outside and check that your air conditioner is running and that warm air is coming out the top.

5. If not, go check the breaker. Maybe you are having an electrical problem.

6. Check the fan on your furnace. Go to your thermostat make sure it is in cooling position. Quick fan test slide the fan from auto to on. Is it running?

If you have done all these steps and you still have no cold air running you need to call a professional heating and air conditioning company.