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Garbage Disposal Clogged? Here’s Your Opening

If the holidays did a number on your garbage disposal, join the club. The most festive time of year puts a great deal of pressure on every kitchen appliance, but tools that help with waste disposal often take the worst beating of all. Fortunately, there are several quiet and efficient models on the market that serve as worthy replacements if you find your garbage disposal clogged or broken. The latest technology has lapped some of the older appliances found in Atlanta-area homes.

Today's Top-Rated Garbage Disposals

While InSinkErator and Waste King are the acknowledged leaders in garbage disposal these days, Whirlaway and KitchenAid are providing quality solutions for our customers in Roswell, Stockbridge and Alpharetta, just to name a few areas we service. Here is a breakdown of the top machines:

  • Best disposal overall: Waste King L-8000. Waste King tops the leader board with its L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-horsepower garbage disposal. Packing the highest level of power in the class while maintaining extreme quiet with dimensions of 14 x 9 inches, these machines pose few negatives, if any.
  • Quietest garbage disposal: KitchenAid 0.75-hp Continuous Feed.Many homeowners who we help with clogged garbage disposals prize quiet above every other feature. If that's the case for you, opt for the KitchenAid continuous-feed disposal. It beats the competition by offering 40 percent quieter operation while packing 0.75-hp performance.
  • Batch-feed king: InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control.Batch-feed garbage disposals are great for families because they require that a cover be in place before the motor begins. These safe and efficient machines cost more than standard continuous-feed models, but the peace-of-mind and performance of a model like the Evolution Cover Control delivers value on that investment.
  • Most power and efficiency: InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 hp.If you've seen your garbage disposal clogged by a few vegetable peels, imagine tackling kitchen projects with a machine packing 1.0 hp. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel, which often tops the rankings among garbage disposals, delivers real power while maintaining extreme quiet.
  • Top-rated budget model: Whirlaway 291. If you are shopping for a new model to replace a broken disposal but are on a tight budget, the Whirlaway 291 is an excellent option. It delivers 0.5 hp and operates at relatively quiet volumes. Amazon reviewers often note that the Whirlaway is complicated to install, but any Reliable professional plumbing team will be able to handle the job for you in a short visit.

Don't Get Your Garbage Disposal Clogged

If your garbage disposal needs repairs constantly, the way you're using the machine may be at fault. There are some materials you should never send down your disposal. Topping the list are celery, onion skins, potato skins and banana peels. Only send softer items down the disposal. To keep the blades on your garbage disposal's grinder sharp, periodically put ice cubes in it and let the machine chop through them. It makes everyday operations efficient.

Reliable Heating & Air offers fast and affordable service to repair or replace your garbage disposal. Considering how quiet, efficient and affordable today's options are, there's no reason to let your kitchen fall out of line with the rest of your home.

Image source: Flickr