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Here’s How a Tankless Water Heater Delivers on Many Counts

Innovations in heating systems, air conditioners and water heaters have changed the way homeowners in Roswell think about energy usage. There’s no reason to deal with old-fashioned systems when more efficient products are available. A tankless water heater is the perfect example of this trend in greener products that deliver savings on several counts.

Tankless options solve the classic problem of gas-powered water heaters. Heating a large tank full of water is impractical when no one in your home is using hot water. Yet these water tanks remain full regardless of consumption levels, wasting energy and taking up space. They remain a very reliable source of hot water, but other options exist.

A tankless water heater’s superior performance

Water heaters that don’t fill up a tank have no limitations with respect to your home’s hot water supply. Instead of heating all the water a tank can hold, no water gets heated until someone turns the tap. It’s a less wasteful model, and it adds up to energy savings for your household when compared to other water heaters.

Large families often encounter problems with water heater tanks. If everyone is trying to take a hot shower in the morning, the last ones in the bathroom may find themselves without warm water. Tankless heaters eliminate this issue, and allow you to follow any schedule you like. You needn’t have a water heater dictate when someone in your home can take a hot shower or bath.

Savings in space and energy

Large water tanks occupy a great deal of space in homes. If you are considering finishing your basement, opting for a tankless heater can make it easier to design the new layout. No floor space is necessary, as the heaters attach to a wall and can be installed in an area that is convenient for you and not just near the existing chimney. In fact, you don’t have to worry about costly water leaks when you have a tankless heater installed. You won’t have to sweat over relighting the gas supply when the pilot light of a water heater goes out, either.

Many homeowners find the savings most impressive feature of all. Estimates vary, but you may end up saving over $80 a year when you use a tankless heater. Larger families may save more, as the increase in usage demands more power from a water heater using the tank system.

The path toward a greener household

As you look for ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint, opting for a tankless water heater is an excellent place to start. It operates on a “consume only as you need it” principle, which supports energy efficiency in your home. In the same way fluorescent light bulbs last longer and use less power than incandescent bulbs, the latest water heaters deliver a more efficient system for a family looking to live “green.”

There are numerous options for homeowners who want to head in a more environmentally friendly direction. Getting a full energy audit is the first step. You may find solutions in insulation, heating and cooling systems, water heaters and more. The terrific thing about green products is they usually save you money while they help ease the burden on our planet.

Reliable Heating & Air is the place to go for home improvements and green upgrades. A tankless water heater will make your home greener and less expensive to operate, while giving your family the best performance of any system on the market.