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Home Electrical Repair Service

Home Electrical Repair Service 

Homeowners often attempt to repair broken things around their homes by themselves. One type of repair better left to the professionals is home electrical repair.

There has been a DIY revolution. The internet, the TV, the magazines have all fueled the craze. They empower folks with the notion that they can save money by doing it themselves.

One mistake often overlooked is how easy and fast the repair seems when watching a professional.

However, when it comes to your home electrical repairs, it’s best to call a professional electrician the first time. Without strong knowledge and experience in the electrical field, an inexperienced homeowner not only can cause significant property damage, but also serious bodily injury or death.

Some simple things — replacing a light bulb or switch — are easy enough to avoid a catastrophe, while others are much too complicated and dangerous for an amateur.

The following list contains electrical repairs or upgrades that should not be attempted by anyone but a licensed and experienced electrician.

Replace a Circuit Breaker

Replacing a circuit breaker seems simple enough. However, it requires removing the safety cover of the circuit breaker box to access them. Once removed, live wires with as much as 200 amps or more are exposed. One wrong move or slip of a screwdriver, and ZAP, you wake up in the hospital or worse.

Tighten Service Lugs

Service lugs are nuts that secure the main service wires in the main circuit breaker box. The lugs as well as the wires they secure are energized with high voltage electricity that would be detrimental to your health if you do not know what you are doing.

Work on the Weather Head or Service Riser

The weather head or service riser is a conduit that channels the main power wires from the pole to the service or breaker box on your home. The wires inside the conduit carry the same high voltage mentioned above. Often, the riser becomes loose or begins to lean which leads to a homeowner trying to straighten it. Because the repair often entails disconnecting the powered lines feeding it, you should never attempt this repair.

Appliance Repair

Appliance repair is another area of concern when discussing DIY home electrical repairs. Often, they seem simple enough and safe because you can physically unplug them from their power source. However, even with the power off, the unit can still carry a nasty charge via its capacitors. The battery like device maintains an electrical charge even when the appliance is off or unplugged to help power devices that require additional electricity at startup. If you touch the terminal ends of a charged capacitor, you will get shocked and possibly create a dangerous spark. This spark could cause a disaster especially when working on gas appliances.

Electrical Repairs with the Power on

After reading this, if you are still bent on making electrical repairs around your home, make sure to turn off the main circuit breaker supplying the home. Not only could it save your life, but also prevent you from burning down the house.

However, we still highly recommend call an electrical expert to do all of your repairs.

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