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HVAC Zone Control Explained


HVAC Zone Control Explained

When you are trying to keep different parts of a home heated and cooled to your satisfaction, it’s easy to see how a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate. The ways hot air rises and the sun changes position every day are just a few of the challenges HVAC systems face. Without HVAC zone control for your heating and cooling system, it’s unlikely you’re getting the most out of your energy use. Here is how these smart tools add custom climate control to your home and keep your system running on maximum efficiency.

Noticing Changes in Temperature Around the House

Homeowners have probably noticed how different rooms seem to take on specific climates. Once you have taken care of air leaks and ensured proper insulation is in place, the only remaining cause of varying climates within your home is the natural impact of the elements.

HVAC zone control aims to eliminate that problem by allowing you to raise the temperature in some rooms while lowering it in others. Basically, you have the ability to operate an HVAC system the way you would the lights in each room. These controls are usually compatible with a Web-based device, allowing you to operate them from a smartphone or computer.

How HVAC Zone Control Works 

To modify the temperature in each room, dampers are added to your home’s ductwork to change the flow of air through the HVAC system. The temperature, humidity and other settings are channeled through a main console that coordinates the information for homeowners to read and adjust.

By controlling the temperature of multiple zones in a home, you make it easier on the system to deliver the desired heating or cooling effect. Those who build homes with one HVAC system typically don’t shoot for this kind of fine-tuning.

Benefits of HVAC Zone Control 

The most obvious benefit of HVAC zoning is the ability to make every area of your home comfortable for the family. Even when insulation is adequate and ducts are sealed properly, the direction of the sun and other factors are impossible to alter.

Once you end the practice of cooling and heating empty rooms, you will save energy on a daily basis. The added convenience of controlling the console through a Web-enabled device makes it even more appealing for homeowners who have gotten used to this practice in every aspect of life.

Trane’s ComfortLink II 

Of the different products on the table for HVAC zoning, the Trane ComfortLink II is the superior option. Easy-to-operate and digitized like modern smart controls, you can assess the situation in any room and simply adjust the temperature and humidity as you see fit.

Homeowners can program the ComfortLink II to operate on a family’s schedule. It can turn off when no one is in the house and prep climate control as you return home. Though systems of this level are likely to be the standard in the future, Trane’s zone control system is unparalleled and has won design awards from Design Journal, Appliance Design and the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Reliable Heating & Air technicians can advise you about the best system for HVAC zone control in your home. As dedicated dealers of Trane products, Reliable will deliver the industry’s highest standard in comfort and value.