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The Reliable


The heating ventilation air conditioning industry has grown by leaps and bounds since 1978.  Recent studies from several sources have found that 50-70% of HVAC systems are installed incorrectly.  This is the industry’s dirty little secret.  Sure, your HVAC system will still work but not to manufacturers specifications or at the HVAC unit’s maximum efficiency.  An inefficient heating and cooling system costs more money to run and reduces the life expectancy of the equipment.  How can you guarantee your HVAC system is operating at its peak level of performance? 

The missing puzzle piece is called ReliableGuard, smart monitoring for your heating and cooling system.  ReliableGuard represents a SMART MONITORING option with unprecedented insight regarding your heating and cooling system.  ReliableGuard is like having your own expert HVAC technician dedicated to monitor your heating and cooling system. A sensor package is installed on your HVAC system to monitor key performance metrics. Sensor data is transmitted to a monitoring station where auto-alerts are generated for out-of-range operating specifications.

Even more exciting… ENERGY STAR has re-launched a program called ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI).You’ll have real assurance that your new HVAC system has been installed correctly and that the installation has been third-party verified. That means increased comfort, lower energy bills, reduced risk of equipment failure, and much more.

The computer is advanced enough to accurately predict equipment failure before components start to fail, including water leaks!

Make sure to ask about an ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation before choosing your HVAC contractor.