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Is Your Plumbing Gurgling? Here’s How to Handle It

While it’s impossible to ignore major drainage issues with your plumbing, noises coming out of the pipes and drains are often difficult to diagnose. For example, gurgling noises may indicate something as simple as a clogged drain or as complex as a poorly vented plumbing installation. If you have noticed a gurgle or other odd noise coming from your drains or toilet, here are some possible causes and ways to approach each issue.

Problem 1: Bathroom Sink Gurgles When Tub or Toilet Drains

The bathroom is a space where multiple drains are in close proximity. As a result, it’s easy to identify when there is a drainage issue. Marietta homeowners often report instances where the toilet or sink drain starts to gurgle when the shower is draining. This problem typically indicates a system-wide clog.

Solution 1: Plumber’s Snake

Because there are so many chemicals in industrial drain cleaners, pouring large quantities of these liquids down the drain may cause more problems than it fixes. A professional plumbing snake is the best tool for the job. Though you may be able to find one for rent in a home improvement shop, Marietta plumbers can handle the job with greater convenience.

Problem 2: Gurgling Sound Persists Despite Clean Indoor Drains 

If you have clear interior drains but keep experiencing clogged plumbing in the bathroom, kitchen or area around the washing machine, the issue could be in the drains on your home’s roof. There may be debris, vermin or any number of objects blocking the flow of water or air.

Solution 2: Diagnose Outdoor Drains 

Homeowners who are comfortable climbing onto the roof can examine the drains for blockages. You may also find that ice and snow have caused the blockage. In this case, you are going to need a more complex fix. Typically, you’re better off contacting a plumber to avoid further damage.

Problem 3: Noises Occur Because of Drain Vents 

There may be situations in which you find your home has widespread drain-venting issues. In this case, the lack of proper venting is causing drains to struggle for air — a process that makes the plumbing gurgle or otherwise operate erratically.

Solution 3: Add or Extend Ventilation 

Plumbers can actually extend the venting in your home’s shower, tub, toilet and washer lines. In other cases, you may want a new venting system that reduces problems in drains without creating any aesthetic disturbance. This job requires more extensive work from a pro plumbing team.

Problem 4: Septic Tanks and Drain Lines Cause Backup 

Perhaps the most alarming plumbing problem arises when a home’s drain lines or septic tank become blocked. The odor will tell the story that cannot be seen, forcing homeowners to contact a plumbing team that can tackle large-scale work.

Solution 4: Full Cleaning 

Plumbers should be called to empty a septic tank or clear a clogged drain line. Though this problem will seem frightening at first, plumbers experienced in sewer-line cleaning and septic tank maintenance can fix it without delay.

There’s nothing appealing about listening to drains make gurgling noises, but unseen problems could be far worse. Talk to Reliable Heating & Air about addressing your pressing plumbing problems today.

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