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The Most Common Plumbing Problems - With Solutions

It is common for homeowners in to be mystified by plumbing problems. Whether it’s a change water temperature in the shower or concerns about frozen pipes, the answers aren’t always obvious. More problematic is the abundance of misleading information out there when you have these common plumbing questions. Here are the most common plumbing problems and solutions our customers continually experience:

What’s the Best Solution for Clogged Drains?

When drains are clogged in your home, it can throw off the entire flow of the day. One common solution is buying a liquid formula that flushes through the pipes and removes the debris blocking the water’s flow. That may solve the problem temporarily, but you have to be concerned about damage to pipes and recurring clogs when you use these chemicals. It’s better to talk to a plumber about clearing the pipes with specialized equipment. Professional plumbers will then advise you on how to avoid clogged drains in the first place.

Is There Any Way to Avoid Water Temperature Changes?

It can be quite a shock when the water temperature drops abruptly while you’re in the shower. The problem may arise when someone turns on a faucet in a neighboring room, or when someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom. This problem occurs when the same pipe feeds water to the shower, the sink, and the toilet. It’s not a cause for concern — other than your comfort level — and a plumber can advise you as to whether it’s possible to add pipes for maximum comfort in the shower.

How Can I Control Water Costs?

Every Alpharetta, Atlanta or Marietta homeowner gets concerned when water costs start rising. After a quick survey of your family’s habits, you might find that no one is taking extra showers, washing a car more often, or doing anything else out of the ordinary. If nothing has changed, the problem could be in one of your bathroom’s toilet tanks. The tanks may be running off and on throughout the day, which uses gallons of water for no reason. Ask a plumber to inspect the tanks for leaks or other problems immediately.

How Can I Know if There’s a Leak Somewhere?

Tiny water leaks around the home may not be apparent at first. They can come back to haunt you, however, because they can lead to mold, damage home’s foundation, and generally make the home uncomfortable for your family. Periodic inspections will reveal any issues that need addressing, but you might be able to tell when you see the water bill rise suddenly. Get in touch with a plumber whenever that happens.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Pipes From Freezing?

While temperatures only ever hit the freezing mark occasionally in Atlanta GA, record cold spells have forced the temperatures to plummet below zero. In these situations, you may face dangers from frozen pipes, which could burst at any moment. When temperatures drop in your area, leave the water running at a trickle to prevent the pipes from freezing. Long-term solutions involve insulating the pipes and making sure the metal is in good condition. Only a qualified plumber should inspect your home’s pipes.

Reliable Heating & Air of Atlanta, GA has been answering local homeowners’ plumbing problems for decades. Ask about a home inspection so you can fix leaks, avoid plumbing problems, and keep your water bill where it should be.