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Pros and Cons of Garbage Disposals

Pros and Cons of Garbage Disposals

It’s easy to overlook the pros of a garbage disposal — that is, until yours is broken or you’ve had to live without one in the past. As an unsung hero of your home’s plumbing system, the garbage disposal works tirelessly and efficiently to make life’s everyday chores a little bit easier. Understanding the pros and cons of garbage disposals can help homeowners decide if they should have one installed in their home.

Convenient Food Waste Disposal

After a long day at work, most of us come home to start our second job: taking care of our families and our home. One of our main tasks in the evening is to cook a hot meal for our families. A garbage disposal makes both the cooking prep and the cleanup much easier. Just throw your food scraps down the drain. The garbage disposal grinds them into little pieces and passes them through the plumbing. Not only does this save you the couple of extra steps to the trash can, but it also cuts down on trash bag use. And you’ll never have to worry about smelly garbage caused by rotting food again.

Good for the Environment

Waste disposal is a major problem throughout the world. Every little bit we recycle helps to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. Using a garbage disposal to get rid of unwanted food scraps helps by routing the waste through the sewer, where it ends up as fertilizer or is turned into renewable energy.

Easy on the Plumbing

Food scraps are a common occurrence during meal preparation. No matter how careful you are, bits and pieces of the food always wind up in the sink, where they clog the drain basket, or worse, the kitchen sink plumbing. This can lead to expensive service calls to unclog your drains. A garbage disposal helps eliminate that problem. Any food scraps that find their way through the drain basket must first pass through the disposal unit before they can enter your plumbing system.

Easy Installation

Installing a garbage disposal under your kitchen sink is not a major undertaking. Most models are designed to adapt to most plumbing configurations found under the kitchen sink. They do, however, require a dedicated electrical outlet to power them. Often, this is the most difficult hurdle, but an easy one to overcome by a highly trained plumbing and electrical contractor.

Operating Costs

Most of today’s garbage disposals are energy efficient and use very little water. In fact, this the garbage disposal uses only 1 percent of the water consumed by your household and only adds about 50 cents a year to your energy bill. It’s a small price to pay considering all of the benefits of a garbage disposal.

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