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Why Smart Technology For The Home Is A Good Investment

As technology advances and prices rise, homeowners are trying to find more ways to save money and help the environment. One of the main technological advances to help solve both of those goals is smart home technology. From smart lights to smart thermostats, utility prices are being cut drastically while also doing their part to be more efficient and sustainable. However, despite the savings that can come from using smart technology, some people still hesitate to switch over. If their reasoning lies in the fear of cost, we're here to help!

Today, we're discussing exactly how much money smart thermostats and smart lights can save you and how they help the environment.

Smart Thermostat

As one of the most common smart home additions, smart thermostats, like Nexia, are arguably one of the best ways to save the most money. Since most of your utility bills are related to heating and cooling, installing and using a smart thermostat can have a huge impact on your bills.

Most systems are compatible with smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo or Google Home and work by keeping temperature settings consistent. Some have sensors to keep metrics on hot and cold spots in your house, and you can program them to adjust temperatures in your home while you're at work, on vacation, or sleeping. These settings make sure you're not wasting energy, which means big savings!

Average Savings: Between $131 and $145 per year

Smart Lights

Smart lights, like Philips Hue and LIFX, can save you cash through programming, motion detection and remote access to your lights when you're away from home (for instance, when you're away on vacation). Smart lights are LEDs, which cost significantly less to operate than traditional incandescent bulbs. Pairing LED lights with smart home automation systems can be the key to saving money and automating your home.

Average Savings: Between $80 and $120 per year

Home Value

Aside from the immediate savings gained on utility bills, installing smart technology can help increase the value of your home as well. Studies show that smart homes sell for 3-5% more on average. On a $200,000 home, that is a $10,000 increase in value! The fact that there are currently over 7,000 green homes for sale in the Metro Atlanta area also says a lot about the growing popularity and value of smart technology. Whether you're looking for a smart home or looking to install the tech in your current home, it's a smart investment.

Smart home technology has great value and Reliable Heating & Air can help. Call us today to ask about smart home automation at 770-594-9969!