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Telltale Signs It’s Time for Home Furnace Replacement

With winter taking hold of Sandy Springs and the rest of the Atlanta area, it's time to take a look at the condition of your home furnace. You'll need a furnace that is properly maintained to make it through the cold weather. However, there may be problems lurking within your heating system that will lead to a total breakdown.

Avoid major HVAC issues this season. Keep your eyes peeled for these signs you need a furnace replacement.

Rising Energy Costs

Over time, your furnace will need to run longer than it used to just to produce standard comfort levels. Furnaces that have been in operation for more than 15 years start to suffer from this kind of problem. If you have maintained your furnace properly yet see continuous rises in energy bills, you are probably spending more money than is necessary. Ask a Reliable technician to give your system a final assessment.

Slipping Comfort Levels

Furnaces that have reached their expiration date tend to slip on performance drastically: You may discover cool air blowing through your home during the winter. The furnace's air cleaning and processing functions may have lost their use.

If you've had your home performance audit and your furnace's parts checked but your HVAC still can't keep up with your demands, it's likely time for full furnace replacement.

Danger of Carbon Monoxide Leaking

Homeowners who are unaware of a broken carbon monoxide detector may be faced with the possibility of small amounts of the odorless, colorless gas leaking into their home. A study conducted in Michigan found one-quarter of carbon monoxide deaths were related to furnaces and other heating systems.

Stuffy air, high levels of soot and black streaks near vents and a yellow flame (rather than a blue flame) are all signs that carbon monoxide levels have become dangerously high. Double-check your CO detector and contact an HVAC specialist immediately if you encounter any of these signs.

An Increase in Illnesses Among Family Members

Family members exposed to higher levels of carbon monoxide will immediately get flu-like symptoms, headaches and a feeling of nausea. However, other illnesses may reflect a poorly functioning heating system, as well. Extra dust in the air, as well as excessively dry conditions, hint at a furnace with a lackluster operation.

In this situation, anyone suffering from respiratory issues or allergies will encounter a great deal of discomfort. HVAC technicians can try to fix the humidifier within a system, but a furnace replacement may be the only real solution.

Old-Age Malfunctioning

Even if your furnace has been checked in the past year, the malfunctions of old machinery may begin to pile up. Furnaces have a limit, and even though they still omit heat, they be unsafe and unwise to keep running past their usable life span witch is 15 to 18 years on average. Some builder grade furnaces can fail is as little as 10 years.

Reliable Heating & Air technicians can give you a clear assessment of the state of your HVAC system. Once we confirm there are no pressing dangers for your family, we can offer solutions and run down the pros and cons of replacing your furnace. It could be the answer to a very comfortable winter.

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