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6 Tricks For Reducing Electricity Bill

6 Tricks For Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Electricity costs only seem to be going up, but the combined forces of government agencies, power companies, and environmental groups have been trying to show homeowners ways of reducing the cost of their monthly bills. It takes some adjustments, but you can make simple changes to lower your electric bill. Here are six tricks for reducing your electricity bill.

Change Incandescent Light Bulbs to Fluorescent or LEDs

Fluorescent bulbs last so much longer than traditional bulbs that they earned the Energy Star rating from the Environmental Protection Agency. A typical fluorescent bulb can deliver 100 watts’ worth of light while using only 23 watts of energy. These savings add up: Bulbs can last five to seven years when used three to four hours a day, resulting in over $60 in savings per bulb. Multiply that by the number of bulbs you can replace in your home, and it’s a huge difference.

Replace Old Heating and Cooling Equipment

Inefficient HVAC systems can place a heavy burden on your power use every month. More efficient systems make your home more comfortable while applying savings to your monthly energy bill. Electric water heaters and heat pumps are other excellent ways to lower your electric bill. In fact, Marietta Power & Water customers may qualify for rebates when purchasing these products. This database of state incentives has details.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Keeping an eye on your thermostat is a good idea, but putting it into practice is difficult. A programmable thermostat can follow your guidelines and ensure your family is not wasting electricity when no one is home. Estimates on savings vary, but more wasteful homes can save over $180 per year. That figure equates to $15 a month.

Make a Nightly Sweep of Appliances

How many fans, lights, and other electrical appliances are left on for no reason in your home every night? Do you leave your TV on, even when you’re not watching it? Though it may seem as if ceiling fans or nightlights don’t use a great deal of energy, these minor things add up over the course of a year. Go through the house before bed and turn off anything family members have left powered on. It’s a simple step that leads to quick savings.

Unplug Appliances Not in Use

A more drastic step — and one that can increase savings considerably — is unplugging all electrical appliances not in use. While the refrigerator and clocks need to stay at full power at all times, items including the coffee maker, coffee grinder, microwave oven, phone chargers, wall air conditioners, and many other home appliances do not. Even when they are not turned off, these items are using electricity, and you pay for it every day.

Schedule an Energy Audit

In every home, heating and cooling systems have to work extra hard to compensate for air leaks. That drives up the cost of your electric bill, and leads to a drop in your home’s comfort level. Building Performance Institute auditors can make a full assessment of your home and help you target ways to increase efficiency immediately. There is no substitute for a professional audit.

Reliable Heating & Air has expert electricians on staff who are ready to help you reduce your electric bill through simple steps like these. Whether you need to replace energy-draining appliances or light bulbs, find out how you can start lowering costs today.