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Types of Indoor Lighting Fixtures


Types of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

The types of  indoor lighting fixtures you use may end up having a big impact on the look and feel of different areas of your home. During your next home improvement project, here are seven light fixtures to consider.

1. Simple Ceiling Light

Maybe the simplest and least obtrusive type of lighting, simple ceiling fixtures have limitations in the way of style but are functional for rooms with lower ceilings, as well as busy spots in the home where hanging fixtures may be damaged by children playing or other activity. As opposed to fixtures that hang down or recessed lighting that doesn’t protrude at all, this type of fixture stays close to the ceiling.

2. Hanging Pendants

Pendants hang from the ceiling and provide light from the end of a wire or metal cord. Whether you use a pendant fixture to light a work area in an office (to clear space on a desk) or as a decorative element in a high-ceilinged room, a dimmer switch always comes in handy.

3. Chandeliers

These types of lighting fixtures may be the most dramatic you will find in old Buckhead or Roswell homes, but modern chandeliers also have the potential to be functional and less showy. It depends on what direction you are taking your renovation. Chandeliers stay closer to the ceiling than pendants, thereby giving you more options in rooms under 10 feet in height.

4. Track Lighting

Track lighting fixtures are visible in the way they protrude from a flat surface installed on the walls or ceilings of a home. Though you cannot score many style points with basic track lighting, you have options depending on your home improvement budget. Recessed lighting serves the same purpose but without visible fixtures.

5. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can deliver accents or functional lighting, depending on your goal in a particular room. Unlike track lighting, recessed fixtures stay inside the wall, which gives the appearance that there is no fixture at all. The trick to recessed lighting is sticking to areas where you have six inches of clearance from the ceiling and providing proper insulation so water does not damage the fixture.

6. Ceiling Fan Lights

Installing a ceiling fan in your home is an excellent way to upgrade the performance of your HVAC system and enhance your home’s interior at the same time. Family rooms, kitchens and bedrooms benefit the most from this type of multipurpose lighting. Dimmer switches should always be part of the upgrade if you are adding a ceiling fan and light to any room.

7. Wall Fixtures

Wall light fixtures are attached to the wall surface and provide accents to your home’s exterior (at entrances) as well indoors. On the interior front, homeowners may consider a wall fixture as a decorative piece or to highlight artwork or create an effect in the room. Usually, wall fixtures need an assist from ceiling lights to properly illuminate a room.

No matter what types of indoor lighting fixtures you decide are right for a particular room, Reliable electricians can install them safely in your home. Contact Reliable Heating & Air to find out how you can save money on electric bills, or call for expert electrical work today.