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What is two stage air conditioning?

What is two stage air conditioning?

So you need a new air conditioner and you're probably confused with all the terminology like single stage, two stage, two speed. Dan Jape will help with this!

There are many different air conditioners on the market today; air conditioners are much more advanced than the older units you may have in your home now. There are basically two types of air conditioners - single stage and two speed.

Two speed refers to a unit that can change its capacity, give you the amount of cooling you need during a very hot day but slow down and give you less cooling on a more moderate day. Advantages of this unit involves the ability to dehumidify better; more moisture is extracted out of the air meaning more comfort and better living conditions for you.

A single speed air conditioner simply runs wide open all the time and is either "on" or "off" similar to a light switch. A two speed can adjust its output to that given day. There are many days where you need air conditioning but it's not so hot that you need the entire amount of air conditioning that you have, so a two speed unit will adjust its capacity and bring moisture out of the air. Two speed technologies are much more efficient in that when it's running on low speed, it only takes 70% of the electricity than it does on high speed. You can have a unit that's adequate or even oversized for your home, for entertainment purposes, still allowing you to have the cooling you want without suffering the consequences of oversizing your air conditioning.

Two speed air conditioners have been in the market for years but recently have become popular due to the increased cost of electricity and the need for better moisture removal. Mold is a big issue these days and owning a two speed air conditioner allows you to cut down on mold growth. Dan Jape says there is no better air conditioner than two speed incorporated with a furnace that can adjust its airflow capacity; you'll then have the ultimate in cooling.

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