Updated 2016: How the HVAC Industry Has Come of Age

Home heating has been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years, basically since the discovery and harnessing of fire by humans; air conditioning less than a couple centuries. Eventually, near the beginning of the 20th century, home heating and cooling were combined into a single market segment: The HVAC industry.

Where it All Started

Commercial air conditioners, in the form that is a forerunner of today’s AC units, first came into use to cool office buildings and businesses, including the New York Stock Exchange around 1902.


How the HVAC Industry Has Come of Age


Compressors were the next breakthrough in the 1950s. They led to smaller, quieter, more affordable units. Since then, air conditioner technology has responded to consumer demands for energy, space and cost savings, as well as the global demand for reduced environmental impact from AC refrigerants. Worldwide, the advent of air conditioning has saved lives, increased economic productivity and enabled migration to and the population of hotter, even tropical, regions.

The heating of caves, buildings and residences, on the other hand, has allowed us to live in cold and temperate climates — through ice ages — for thousands of years. Fire, for the most part, is the basis of the heating industry. Whether it was used as a direct heat source or to warm air or heat water that is later circulated through a home, fire has long been the key to heating human habitations.

The Heating Industry

As an industry, heating led to entire other industries, such as coal and natural gas mining, as well as fuel oil production. Over the last several decades, though, heating professionals have evolved from boilermakers and coalmen to professionals who know how to route air, steam and water through a building to heat and cool in the most efficient ways. Today’s heat sources include ultra-efficient natural gas furnaces with quiet blowers and electric heaters that cut down on environmental impact and cost a fraction of what they once did to operate.

2016 has brought a lot of innovation to the heating and air industry with the introduction of a long time available commercial technology that is finally accessible for the residential market. Smart monitoring for your heating and air conditioning is future proofing your home by preventing surprise breakdowns. Maximizing the efficiency your air conditioner is operating at and keeping you in the loop with 24/7 monitoring.  Combined with the Reliable command center team collecting all your air conditioning unit's data and observing technical functions; can you imagine a world where you never have to call an Hvac company again?  We will call you if there is an urgent issue and get you and your family taken care of.

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