Sealing your Attic Staircase


In the hallway of your home, you may have some framework which has a pull-down staircase. This is used to pull down stairs to access your attic for storage or heating/cooling. Around that staircase is a gap where oftentimes heating and cooling leaks. Hot air comes in during the summer and it’s a huge waste of energy. There’s a company that builds a tent or a top fort that is made out of thermal material.  This would be around your staircase up in the attic. You simply reach in and unzip the attic tent fold it back, and climb up into your attic. It zips all the way around and gives you a good thermal barrier. This will cut down on leakage about 90%.


This is one of the biggest areas we find problems with and the attic tent is a very cost-effective way to increase the thermal efficiency of your home. 


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