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5 Benefits of a Natural Gas Grill

During grilling season, you’ll hear many theories about what makes for the best backyard cooking. You’ll hear about techniques for the tastiest marinade, what temperature works best for which meat, when to flip and how to power your grill. There are better options out there if you have been relying on propane (LP) fuel. A natural gas grill is definitely worth a review if you are interested in more affordable and greener solutions. Here are five ways it makes sense for Stockbridge homeowners.

1. Natural Gas Is Cheaper Than Propane.

The switch from propane to natural gas grilling will bring you instant savings. Depending on your Georgia gas supplier, you may end up paying one-third less for natural gas than you would for propane. Use the calculators listed on your gas company website for the exact figure. Nearly every town in the Atlanta area offers savings on this fuel.

2. Less Exhaust Makes Parties More Enjoyable.

When you grill with natural gas, there are fewer fumes streaming into your backyard during the cooking process. That means your cookouts will be easier on the senses, allowing guests to enjoy the aroma of the food rather than an overwhelming amount of smoke from the grill. Excess fumes are even more unpleasant when the weather is humid. With natural gas, this isn’t a worry.

3. A Natural Gas Grill Connects Right to Your Home Supply.

Refilling your propane tank can be a hassle when you are in the midst of a busy grilling season. Every day you can be in your backyard instead of worrying about gas supply is a better summer day. Natural gas is already piping to your home, so connecting a line to your grill ensures you’ll always have enough gas for cookouts.

4. Lighter Emissions Means Greener Grilling.

Besides being easier on your guests and family’s breathing, the lower emissions from natural gas grilling make it a greener way to host warm-weather cookouts. There hasn’t been much good news on the climate change front, so having a convenient, green option already connected to your home’s energy supply makes it a win-win. If this is one of your goals, Reliable Heating & Air solutions in HVAC and water heaters can also make your home a greener, more efficient place year-round.

5. Setup Is Not Complicated.

Because natural gas is piping into your home, getting the supply to your grill is the only part left. Reliable team members will install the gas grill of your choice and get the connecting line in place. This process doesn’t take long for experienced technicians. If you have a propane tank buried in your backyard, ask about removing the tank at the same time. Switching to natural gas is simple, and the fuel savings make it worth your up-front investment.

Reliable will install a new natural gas grill and connecting line to your home for unlimited cookouts while the weather is nice. Between tips for making your home more comfortable in the heat to ideas on saving money while going greener, Reliable is your place to call this summer.

Image source: Flickr