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Essential Air Filter Maintenance Tips for Your AC System

No matter how sophisticated the AC system in your home, regular maintenance is essential for keeping it running at top efficiency. Maintenance includes everything from changing the air filter to cleaning coils and managing the fins that direct air flow. Inside your AC system, the filter plays an important role in keeping comfort and energy levels under control. Here are tips on keeping your air-conditioning system running smoothly and lasting longer.

The Tool That Keeps Your AC Efficient 

Alpharetta homeowners sometimes wonder about the functions of an AC filter. Since air conditioners take exterior air and process it into cool air, there are many dirt particles and other elements coming through the system vents. An air filter will trap the dirt and debris so it doesn’t make it into your home’s air stream. However, that process leads to filter clogging over time.

During the hottest months of the year, an AC system’s filters could become clogged within 3-4 weeks. Waiting too long to change or clean a filter can lead to a loss of efficiency as well as a shorter life span for the cooling system.

Knowing the Time for Filter Maintenance

When you are running your air-conditioning system during a typical Alpharetta summer, you will need to clean or change the air filter about once a month. The U.S. Department of Energy says skipping this important step can lead to a 15 percent loss of efficiency.

You may feel an increase in the temperature when you have your AC set on regular levels in the summer. This is a telltale sign it’s time for a filter change. Otherwise, staying on a regular schedule is the best policy to make sure you aren’t putting the system through more work than is necessary for cooling your home.

Practical Filter Maintenance 

Central air conditioners usually have a spot for filters along the path of the return duct — and this can mean there are filters in the walls, furnace or unit itself. Having replacement filters ready in peak summer months is the way to avoid overtaxing your HVAC system.

Wall units and split AC systems will feature filters in the unit itself. In most cases, you can remove the filter and clean it within minutes. Reusable filters are preferable in terms of overall waste, but the process is more difficult. Without a proper cleaning, you may be forcing your system to work harder than necessary. Follow your AC manual’s instructions carefully.

Beyond Filter Maintenance 

More complicated maintenance involves coil cleaning, adjusting coil fins, clearing condensate drain channels and ensuring the mechanical operations are in order. Unless you are experienced in technical work on an air conditioner, maintenance of this sort is best left to AC professionals. One important test to consider is inspecting refrigerant content to ensure there are no leaks.

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