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Need a Shower Repair? It's Gotta be Reliable.

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Service overview

Shower repairs:

  • Diagnosing the problem: $49 (we'll waive this fee if you hire us to do the repair)
  • Repair price: Starting at $119
  • Average time to complete: 90 minutes

Shower head, drain or faucet installs:

  • FREE install cost estimate
  • Install price: Starting at $79
  • Average time to complete install: 30 minutes

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Cost to repair/install a shower in Atlanta

  • Low: $79
  • Average: $339
  • High: $600

What impacts cost?

  • Repair vs install: Installing a new shower head, drain or faucet is typically cheaper than repairing the existing part (in terms of labor costs).
  • Cost of the replacement part: If you opt to install a new part (versus trying to repair it), you'll have to factor in the cost of the replacement part, which adds an additional $30–$300+ to the cost. The cost of the part really just depends on the brand, quality and features.

How your toilet repair/installation works

1) Schedule service

Contact us online or call us at (770) 594-9969 to schedule your shower repair. We'll call you to confirm your time and send you a confirmation email with a picture of your plumber, so you know who's coming to your house.

2) Get upfront pricing

Whether you need your shower head, faucet or drain repaired or replaced, our plumber will give you honest and fair prices for the cost of each service.

3) Get your shower repaired—or a new part installed

Once you agree to a price, we'll repair your shower or install a new piece (whichever service you choose). We'll clean up any mess we make and leave your bathroom spotless.

4) Tell us how we did

After our plumber finishes the job, we'll send you a quick survey where you can let us know how we did. If you're not 100% satisfied with your repaired or newly-installed shower part, let us know and we'll make it right.

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Signs you need a shower repair (or a new shower head)

  1. Change in pressure: If you feel that the water pressure coming from your shower head is getting weaker and weaker, it may be time for a repair or a new shower head.

  2. Constant drips: A shower head that constantly leaks water means it might need to be repaired or replaced. (Note: The water supply valve or worn-out washer rings could be the source of the leak and not the shower head itself.)

  3. Calcium buildup: Do you see white, chalky material on your shower head? If so, that's probably calcium buildup. Most shower heads have little filters inside of them that remove chemicals (like calcium) in the water supply. However, these filters get dirty over time, which can cause chemical buildup around your shower head.

  4. Mold on shower head: If you see little black spots on your shower head, they are probably mold. Black mold can be difficult to remove (even by a pro), so usually it's best to replace your shower head altogether.

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