Working With A Trane Comfort Specialist Means You’re Working With The Best

If you experience a medical or legal problem, or have an issue with your car or an appliance in your home, you would see a specialist: Someone who specializes specifically in solutions to the problem or issue you are experiencing. A specialist in any field has an in-depth knowledge in a specific area or field, is familiar with the issues and problems that can occur and can recommend the best solution for overcoming trouble you may encounter. You would likely not see a podiatrist for an eye exam, right?

Trane Comfort Specialist

A Trane Comfort Specialist is no different. A Comfort Specialist Dealer, such as Reliable Heating and Air, is an HVAC dealer that has been selected by Trane to be among its elite representatives. Most any HVAC sales and service company would want to represent the Trane brand in its territory, but with Trane, the process is different. Trane is the manufacturer of some of the highest quality heating and cooling products in the industry. The company maintains a sterling reputation among HVAC pros and consumers, alike.

Trane, therefore, has extremely high standards for its representatives and is quite particular when it comes to selecting dealers in a territory. In many cases, an HVAC company that wants to carry a brand of products simply has to call a manufacturer and say, “Hey, we’d like to sell your products.” A sales rep pays a visit, takes an order and — boom! — they’re in business. Trane, on the other hand, decides whether a company is qualified to represent its brand.

When Reliable sought to be a Trane dealer, the company took a look around — “kicked our tires” if you will — went over the way we do business, checked out our customer reviews and investigated our reputation in the Atlanta area. It wasn’t until Trane did all this footwork that they decided Reliable Heating and Air was worthy of representing the Trane brand.

Simply becoming a Trane dealer, though, is not the end of the journey: It’s just the beginning. Trane keeps track sales and customer satisfaction. A dealer that maintains a customer approval rating of 90 percent or above is designated a Trane Comfort Specialist. With more than 1,000 5-star ratings, Reliable is among this elite group of Trane dealers, offering the best service, along with quality Trane products, from our convenient Woodstock and Fayetteville locations.

Because we value our customers above all else, and pride ourselves on being a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, Reliable strives to give you the best customer experience possible. Not only because of our commitment to bringing you the best heating and cooling products on the market, but because our business is based solely on customer service: No customers, no business.

So, when you see that Reliable Heating and Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, you can rest assured that you’ll get unparalleled products and services from our team of professional HVAC techs. As you would with any other issue that needs a specialist, call Reliable for your Georgia HVAC needs.

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