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Dryer Vent Cleaning

3,000 annual residential fires are related to clogged dryer vents according to FEMA.  Dryer vent cleaning is important to prevent issues with your dryer and ensure efficient clothing drying! It is ctitical to annually inspect and clean your dryer vents in order to prevent a smoke smell from the dryer. If your dryer cycle ends before your clothes are dry or your clothes aren't dry after 40+ minutes, get the dryer vent looked at and cleaned. Also, if you're seeing more dust in your laundry room than normal, get it checked! 

Signs you need your dryer vents cleaned:

  • Long drying times.  One cycle should dry your clothes.
  • The dryer feels as if it is overheating.
  • Increases in energy bills.
  • Musty smelling clothes.

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